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See Article History Circus, an entertainment or spectacle usually consisting of trained animal acts and exhibitions of human skill and daring. The ring may be enclosed in an arena, in a building designed for circus performances, or in a tent, and it is generally surrounded by tiers of seats for spectators. Some circuses do not use trained animals, for example, such as the circuses of China and Africa, which feature acrobatic acts similar to those elsewhere, albeit with traditions rooted in religion and folklore. At various times circuses have offered supplementary attractions such as street parades, menageries , sideshows, pantomimes, and theatrical presentations. A number of circuses, especially in Europe, have been stationary, occupying permanent, often elegant buildings in larger cities. Others have traveled extensively—originally by horse and wagon and then by railroad, boat, motor vehicle, or even airplane—and exhibited in tents, theatres, and, beginning in the s, huge enclosed sports arenas. Many circus companies, particularly in the United States, exhibit simultaneously in three or more rings, with the building or tent taking on a rectangular or elliptical shape; others retain the one-ring format. Some organizations, such as the Ringling Bros. Through all the above, however, there runs a common thread: The most spectacular of these arenas, the Circus Maximus , was in operation for more than 1, years.

PETER HITCHENS: Dragged into a war by clowns who can’t even run a railway

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The more you stare at their perpetually smiling faces, the more it warps into something more sinister. But clowns have played uneasily on the public consciousness for years. Swiss clown Dimitri performing in Zurich, Switzerland. EPA Manic medieval origins Comedic clowns, complete with brightly-patterned uniforms, were a common form of popular entertainment in medieval times. But although the holy fool was funny, there was always an undercurrent of disturbing truth behind his humour.

Eddie Mulholland This continued through to the 16th century, where Shakespearean jesters were often linked to death and dark truths. And while the real man behind the paint could be a smiley and cheery chap, he could also be hungover and resent having to prance about. The disguise is innately unnerving, as is the perpetual smile.

Freud came up with the notion of the uncanny, where an image is distorted but still recognisable, and this concept is apparent in many horror films. A lot of the jesters were mutilated to make them smile all the time. They would have the muscles cut that enabled the mouth to frown. It’s no laughing matter Full-blown phobia of clowns or coulrophobia is relatively rare and scientists and doctors know little about it. Grimaldi was one of the earliest celebrities, which meant that the public were aware of his sad personal life behind his joyous performance.

Laughter, Madness and the Story of Britain’s Greatest Comedian , says that Grimaldi is a clear example of the downtrodden man behind the happy mask.


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Send In the Clown: September 21 It should not need saying that the views expressed by the subject of this piece in no way represent the opinions of this magazine, but in this era of social media tribalism, the mere act of covering a contentious person can be misinterpreted as an endorsement. After a few minutes in the tanning bed, Milo Yiannopoulos blithely trots to the shampoo sink for a deep conditioning treatment and blow-dry.

In the waiting room, sipping a latte, his personal trainer and traveling companion, Will, a year-old jacked Alaskan in gym shorts and a tank top, sits giggling over his laptop. For the foreseeable future the two are on the road, a month here in London, a week in New York, then a four-month, stop jaunt across American college campuses, for a project called the Dangerous Faggot tour. Many appearances are canceled because of student petitions.

At others, protesters amass outside the auditorium. Women smear red paint on themselves. Attendees sound air horns to block out his voice. In May, at DePaul University, activists stormed the stage where Yiannopoulos was being interviewed and snatched the microphone, threatening to punch him in the face while security stood idly by. A professional mischief maker and provocateur, he loves a grand entrance.

Wherever Yiannopoulos goes, the Loki from London swoops in with rapid-fire talking points delivered in a playfulness so foreign—and intoxicating—to most journalists and Americans that they are left standing in the rubble, dumbfounded. At universities across the country he has paraded into hissing crowds of students accompanied by a mariachi band and wearing a poncho while shaking maracas.


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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Chilling CCTV footage has captured the moment a ‘killer clown’ armed with a huge knife tries to enter a family home – through the front door. The surveillance cameras , appear to be recording the scenes at around 2. Wearing a face full of white make-up and an orange wig, the clown realises the door is locked and then makes his way around to the side of the house, still holding the knife in his hand.

He opens the back gate, and attempts to open several doors surrounding the property. The clown tries to get in through the front door When he discovers that all of them are securely locked, he finally gives up and makes his way out of the garden. Alongside the video, a caption read: I checked my surveillance cameras and found someone in a clown costume was trying to get into my house. There have been a huge amount of scary clowns spotted across the country in recent weeks.

The activities reported range from creepy characters frightening people in passing cars to more sinister incidents where people dressed as clowns have approached schoolchildren. Getty Images The rise of the phenomenon has been boosted in no small part by a Facebook page which shares photos and videos of the scary sightings.

Read More Terrified teen reveals moment ‘killer clown’ jumped school fence and ran towards her The incidents continue to divide opinion across the country with some calling them harmless pranks while others have branded the incidents a menace.

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Z What is a patron saint? Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes — anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century.

Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well. Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area.

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One of the most difficult things for someone who has been involved with a Mr Unavailable or assclown is the lingering feeling of rejection, something that most people experience in relationships. Your ability to cope with and process rejection is tied to your self-esteem because how rejected you feel and the effect it has on your perception of you, is intrinsically tied into your ability to love yourself. While it seems all too easy to declare that you love these men unconditionally and without boundaries , it seems to be much harder to give yourself any love.

Unconditional love is about you being able to like and love yourself, irrespective of what takes place around you. Here is the problem: In choosing men that reflect the things you truly believe about yourself, you find yourself with a Mr Unavailable or assclown who by their very nature are incapable of giving you the relationship that you profess to want. Each time this happens, it sends a message to you, that what you secretly or even openly believe about yourself, love, and relationships is true.

Avoiding the reality of who these men are and your relationship habits and indulging in the illusion is dangerous.

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But you really want to date a clown. Or maybe it takes an inmate or a vampire to get your motor running. After all — the heart wants what it wants.

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Culture Roosh I have a bank of rotating stock questions I ask women that let me know how I should proceed with my game. Even in Eastern Europe, a woman needs a man as much as a cat needs milk. They would prefer the best man or the best milk, but they can surely live without. There is definitely not a single woman alive in the Western world who needs a man. While in the past a woman had to put forth effort to obtain a husband who would help her survive, today she is protected by a welfare state that ensures she will never go hungry or spend one night on the street.

She can shave her head, gain 50 pounds, and disfigure herself with tattoos yet still have many suitors to—at the minimum—have sex on demand. Her food and shelter will be provided by a state which has embarked on an extraordinary effort to compete with men for her devotion and loyalty. I started asking a different question to women: Only in a few instances did a woman outright say yes, and these usually happened in Ukraine.

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Clowns were created to test social conventions and speak truth to power, wagging their gloved fingers at institutional tomfoolery. To top it all it all off, clowns put many people on edge with their suspiciously cheerful costumes, exaggerated facial features, and seeming lack of impulse control. You would think that, as the New York Daily News erroneously assumed, since clowns are more reviled than ever, no one in their right mind would want the job, and the tradition would be dying out in the United States and Canada.

NH Magicians, Clowns, Puppeteers & Party Entertainers A Guide to Non-Musical Entertainers in New Hampshire.

The unsettling craze, which began in the United States before spreading to other countries , has led to a spike in clown-related calls to police forces in the UK. In response, police have warned that pranksters or criminals using the costumes to scare innocent members of the public could face arrest. Cannot believe I just had a clown try and get in my car! Never felt so scared in my life!!!!

In another incident, George Birkbeck said he spotted a clown figure holding a hammer in a Tesco car park in Plymouth. A person wearing a clown costume in a street in Liverpool posed by model Credit: Another person in a clown mask was spotted riding a mobility scooter through the streets of Sheffield.

If Your Boyfriend Was The “IT” Clown